The Mindsaw Method of Website Design

The team

Bret Moleta
Bret Moleta

Team leader

Several years ago, Bret’s background as a web designer and entrepreneur led him to a realization. He met so many dedicated local business owners who wanted to succeed on the web, but they had no idea how to market their businesses online.

This problem became his mission, and fit his tech and entrepreneurial skillset perfectly. He launched Mindsaw in 2000, and has been helping local business owners succeed online ever since. He’s helped thousands profit from online marketing, and makes his customers “way more money than they spend on us.”

Chris Schwimmer
Chris Schwimmer

Project Manager

Chris graduated from college and straight into a marketing job in 2008, when a company saw his potential and snapped him up. After two years, Bret decided to make him part of the Mindsaw team as a Project Manager.

Chris makes sure your project rolls along smoothly. Even more importantly, he oversees every site to make sure it’s doing its main job well selling your product or service. Chris knows marketing and sales inside-out. Whatever you need to sell, he can help.

Russ Ott
Russ Ott

Web Developer

Russ was always a passionate self-starter. He built his first website in HTML at age 12, and then devoted himself to learning graphic design. Eventually, he combined these two passions, and became a professional web designer and developer.

Russ is now our Lead Developer. He uses his talents to deliver great-looking, high-performing websites with awesome user experience. He’ll also keep your website up-to-date and handle any revisions quickly. With Russ, your site’s performance will never be an issue.

The Core Values

How are we different?

These days, a website that just looks good won’t cut it. When someone searches for a term related to your product or service, businesses all over the world compete for your prospects. That’s why your website needs to be sales-focused if you want to achieve success.

That’s why hiring a designer who considers himself an “artist” won’t help your bottom line. Think about it. Do you consider Craigslist and Ebay works of artistic genius? No, but they’re two of the most successful sites ever, because they’re focused on traffic and sales. (Don’t worry, though. We’ll make sure your site’s way more attractive than Craiglist!)

You probably get what we’re saying. Your website needs to sell, and you need someone who’s skilled at internet marketing, search engine optimization, and customer psychology. That’s us.

How We Help Businesses?

We design and develop sites for entrepreneurs, sites that drive sales and are easily found by customers.

Once they’re on your site, they need to see certain things in order to feel secure enough to do business with you. We’ll make sure those things are in place. Imagine how fast our services would pay off if you earned a new customer every time someone found your website while searching for a product or service!

We Take All The Risks For You

Take advantage of a free consultation on what makes local small businesses thrive. You can see how we do business and get an idea of the results we deliver before spending a dime.


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