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  • iPhone App Development;
  • iPad App Development;
  • iOS App Development;
  • Android App Development;


I need a website

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  • Ecommerce Development;
  • Html 5 Development;


SEO for Small Business

  • On Site SEO;
  • Custom Blog writing;
  • Monthly Link Buiding;
  • Rank Tracking Reporting;


Ecommerce Sites

  • Powerful marketing tools;
  • Dominate Google;
  • 100+ built in features;
  • Your own success guru;
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Bret Moleta
Bret Moleta
CEO, Mindsaw

What makes Mindsaw different?

We believe you should be able to see results and new business from your website. Far too many website design and SEO for small business services charge money without laying out a clear plan for your website and search engine optimization. We are so confident in our team and our methods, we know that once you see the improved design and rankings, you will know Mindsaw is right for you!

When you say "I need a website"?

Mobile App Development!

Ecommerce Sites

Seo for Small Business

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Website Design

Why web maintenance is important for small business

Why web maintenance is important for small business

We could give you lots of reasons why you should keep your website updated but for the small business owner the most important reason is this: if you don’t your bottom line will suffer. Traffic will... [Read more]

What Social Media Website Should I Use?

What Social Media Website Should I Use?

Do You Need One or More Profiles Whether you personally like social media is not the question because the fact of the matter is that the world today has gone crazy over social media. Be it sharing pho... [Read more]

It’s Not Too Late to Get Started on Social Media

It’s Not Too Late to Get Started on Social Media

Do You Feel as Though You Have Missed the Social Media Boat? I was just watching TV and saw a commercial that reminded me of some of the small business owners I know. A gentleman is shopping for cars ... [Read more]

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