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Mindsaw builds niche and location specific websites
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Get found locally

Get found locally

This is how we do it

We design your entire web presence, making sure you show up – creating websites that convert leads – and tap to call mobile friendly websites. Talk to a Mindsaw consultant and let’s see how we can work with you!

We design local leadsites

What is a leadsite

A Mindsaw local leadsite is specifically designed to drive local traffic to your business. We do this by 1st obtaining a domain name in your city and combining it with what you do. For example: if your current website is your local leadsite address would be . Local leadsites are aimed at targeting local customers within your specific area and niche. These local customers are specifically looking for your products and services within 20 miles of your location.

Improve local traffic conversions

By creating a local leadsite your business will receive more focused traffic than your website. Your local leadsite will hold 3 positions in Google for each locally targeted search term. For example: If your search term were “Staten Island Lawyer” your leadsite would show up in the Google pay per click area, The Google maps listing area and the organic search results area.

Track your phone calls and emails

A Mindsaw leadsite comes complete with your own forwarding phone number that not only tracks all calls from your leadsite but you have the option to record these specific calls for training or analysis. All emails are collected through Gmail and these emails can easily be retrieved from your computer or mobile device. They can also be forwarded to your current email address.

Lease your Mindsaw local leadsite

A Mindsaw local leadsite is a leased site. Meaning you can have it for as long or as little as you’d like. Essentially the local leadsite is your website. No one can take it or steal it. (Just like your cell phone number) but when you give it up someone else can take the leadsite along with the Gmail address , phone number and Google position.

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